The Revelation of the Heart of Jesus, God’s image that no one can see and which is a demonstration of his tenderness, constitutes the summit of the divine work. In him we contemplate both the accomplished expression of the divine message and the source of life.


The expression of the Heart of God

Contemplating the Heart of Jesus as the center of His person -where His love for his Father and for the world is situated- leads us to the contemplation of Him whom we have pierced and whose side was opened, as shown by the Gospel of John. This is the reason why Father of Clorivière wanted to name the institution he founded The Society of the Heart of Jesus. This name expresses our desire for union and conformity with this heart, within which echoes the richness of the Heart of God.

We like to contemplate the Heart of Christ entirely given to God and entirely handed over to humanity. We f.

Our faithfulness to Christ whose heart was pierced on the Cross pushes us to imitate such a love and to tell it to those we meet. The contemplation of the Heart of jesus deepens our intimacy with Christ and leads us on this Easter road in a life given more and more to the Father