Secularity means that your place is in the world. But it does not mean simply a position, a function which happens to coincide with life in the world and a “secular″ job or profession. It must mean, first and foremost a realisation that you are in the world as your very own field “of Christian responsibility″. (Paul VI, 1972)

L'attention aux autres

L’attention, (c)Kharlamova Lv, Fotolia


«But this special consecration, this special way of belonging to Jesus Christ in virginity, poverty, obedience, does not detract the members of Secular Institutes from the world, nor does it paralyse their temporal action, but gives it life and dynamism, greater realism and efficacy; freeing it of dissatisfactions, interests and quests, which are somehow related to egoism. “Secular consecration”: in opening man and woman to the absolute radicalism of the love of God, they are prepared for a deeper incarnation in the world, for a pure, free purifying and liberating secularity.»

The characteristic of this “new way” of being Church is to live precisely in the world the radicalism of the Beatitudes as the light, salt and leaven of God.